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What can expect a traveller's car behind the borders of Germany

Traffic regulations generally don't differ in the countries of Europe from the world’s ones. Nevertheless, there can be nuances in each country. It is better to solve them in advance in order not to be trapped and not to pay penalties. This knowledge really will help you to save a lot of effort and will also help to enjoy every day of a trip on the car rented in Munich. So, here are several examples.

The parliament of Austria raised penalties for using of mobile phone during the car movement since the beginning of summer, 2016. Nowadays it is impossible to make any manipulations with mobile device. I.e. it is impossible even to talk using "hands free" or to put phone on charging during the movement.
New requirements also say that it isn't allowed to write down the address in phone, if only you don't use the mobile device as a navigator. If the police notice an unallowed using of a phone during the movement, you may pay the penalty of 50-72 euros. And if the police officer knows that you have been speaking by phone during the movement, the penalty can raise up to 2180 euros. Attention! The driver who has made an accident without having shown a turn signal while maneuvering will get the same sum of a penalty.

There are some other rules in Austria if you are going to use car seats for transportation of children. In Germany, for example, the seat is obligatory for children with the height up to 150 cm or 12 years. In Austria it is necessary to use car seats for children up to 14 years despite the child's weight.

There are some other rules for using reflective jackets. Attention! Jackets must be in a car (not in the luggage compartment). And the quantity of reflective jackets must be equal to the quantity of people inside a car.

Very similar rules are in Croatia. Here it is also necessary to have reflective jackets inside a car, but not in a luggage carrier. You also must have fire extinguisher in your car.

Croatia treats young drivers with great attention. If the driver is less than 24 years old, then his maximum speed have to be 10 km/h less than standardly allowed maximum speed for the concrete section of the road. If the maximum speed within the city is 50 km/h, then a young driver has to go not quicker than 40 km/h.

This information concerns smokers. If there are children under 12 years of age or pregnant women in your car, smoking in saloon is strictly forbidden. For those who want to ignore this ban it is necessary to remember that the penalty for this offense is equal to 500 euros.

One more nuance is for bicycle owners. If you take a bicycle and you want to place it behind a car, it is necessary to know that you need to place a special sign, red and white square (50 cm). This indispensable condition is for driving on the roads of Italy.

And the last thing. If the registration sign in your car doesn't contain belonging to a country of vehicle registration, you have to add a sticker with a sign of a country where registering was made. Usually, it is a white sticker with abbreviation of your country in a black oval (for example DE, RUS, CZ, SK, A).

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